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December Farm news

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There are some changes afoot at Kangaroobie this month. Peter Parker, our ultra reliable, very talented, funny and friendly neighbourhood farm manager is leaving us and heading back to New Zealand after many years in Australia and working for us for nearly four years. His knowledge and skills will be sorely missed and we are very sad that he is going. Our new 6’5” super hero farm manager is Ryan who has just moved in up the road and is very keen to learn the new ways of the Kangaroobie systems and quirky intricacies. Welcome Ryan and may the force be with you (with apologies to Stan Lee and George Lucas…). Harvest is under way with our hay waiting to be baled after being cut this week. We just wait now for it to be dry enough to put into our big round bales. If we go too early and the grass has too much moisture in it, it can lead to spontaneous combustion and our entire hay crop going up in flames. It is a dark art involved in getting it right, involving much standing around, picking up handfuls of hay, twisting it, smelling it, discussing it and then driving 100m across the paddock, getting out of the ute and doing it all again. We look forward to a bumper crop for this year and plenty of feed to get the cows through the winter. We had a group of 50 autistic students from a school in Singapore visit this week and they are always an enormous amount of fun to have visit. I was very surprised about their knowledge of Australian farm produce and the benefits of eating Grass fed beef. They were very excited to be able to feed the animals in the paddock and know that they were having them for dinner that night. If you haven’t had a chance to see the farm on Ainsley Harriets ‘My Market Menu’ it is still on SBS on Demand and will give you a good look at the cows and the views they get to enjoy. Thanks again for your continued support of our small business, getting our grass fed, chemical free, sustainably grown beef straight to you!



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