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February Farm News

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Australia is currently in the grip of unprecedented bushfire and drought conditions. We at Kangaroobie Meats send all those affected by the current conditions our best wishes and hope that a recovery is swift. Thankfully the region around us has not been affected at this point, but our hottest period is February so we are preparing for what could still be some hot and dry conditions over the next four weeks. Our pregnant cows are very ready to start dropping calves at any stage now - They are 8 and a half months pregnant and, like most females at that stage of pregnancy, are waddling around and giving me that look of ‘just get this thing out of me!’ Our breeding and cattle management techniques were given a nice little vote of confidence recently. We normally sell our steers through a market in January and they have, for a number of years, been keenly sought after by a couple of regular buyers. Those buyers approached us last year and asked to purchase direct from us rather than the yards because they have been so happy with the animals they have purchased previously. We managed to sell all the boys early and take a load off the farm for the drier summer months. Their mums are now in prime condition for calving and the pastures are in better condition. We trust everybody had a great Christmas and New Year and are starting into 2020 with a renewed gusto and anticipation of the year to come - I know we certainly are here on the farm!



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