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March Farm news

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Calves, calves, calves, calves, calves! We are in full swing with our calving at the moment and like a proud father (not actually a proud father - I am sure there are laws against that sort of thing) I can report that we have hundreds of happy and healthy calves on the ground. We have had very few problems to this stage with only three calves born dead - an unfortunate but inevitable consequence of so many births. I am always disappointed

when we lose any calves but we do try to match up the mothers with a twin if we can. Kangaroobie Meats has hosted world renowned chef and all round nice guy, Ainsley Harriott, here at the farm and at the Warrnambool Fresh Market. He was really impressed with the property (he said ‘everyone tells me they have a beautiful farm but this one can actually claim it’) and the Eye Fillet lollipops (skewers) that he cooked up were absolutely delectable. While most of the footage containing us will probably end up on the cutting room floor, the show, ‘My Market Menu’ will be showing on SBS in around October. You will be able to see the meat you are eating prepared by a very down to earth chef.



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