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October Farm News

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Back in February this year Ainsley Harriott came to Warrnambool to film at The Fresh Market for an upcoming program of his - AINSLEY'S MARKET MENU. It is to be aired on Thursday 17th October on SBS Food and includes Matt showing off his Kangaroobie meat. We had a lot of fun selling our beef to Ainsley.  He is a big man with a HUGE smile and the crowd loves him. It's definitely worth watching. He came and visited the farm during that time so the show has some awesome footage of the cows and views of Kangaroobie.

We have pork this month. Our pigs get together every now and then to produce some beautifully tender, free range pork. We have bacon, pork roasts, mince, chops etc.... Take a look at the shop.

Spring has definitely arrived.  There are now plenty of sunny days amongst the rainy days. This means the grass keeps growing and the cows keep smiling.

During the school holidays the whole family takes part in 'preg' testing. I'm not too sure how comfortable teenage boys are with this process but at least it's a lot less invasive than it used to be. In the past the vet used to wear a loooong glove and check the cows uterus. These days it is all done through ultrasound - a lot more comfortable for both cow and teenage boy!!



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